Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lesbian amateur kiss

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I felt myself shiver at the thought of seeing her naked. I reached up and lowered the top of her bathing suit allowing both of her large full breasts to be out in the warm sun. My hands kneaded and hefted them stroking my fingers over each nipple. She looked so beautiful so relaxed and resigned to my ministrations.

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  Lesbian Amateur Kiss. Attention! Contains adult materials!   Ted boggled at the girl, his wits unable to assimilate the true nature of what he was seeing. In his mind, he wasn't seeing a beautiful, teenage girl caught in the act of wild, lusty masturbation; he only felt the shock at his blundering upon what was such a personal, private act.
"What is it honey?" I asked her. "I just really miss you, I need you." she responded. "I feel like you're pushing me away, you don't want me anymore?" she asked. Now I really felt guilty. I tried to explain, but Gina was! n't really listening. Gina reached over and began kissing me, shoving her tongue in my mouth. Lesbian amateur kiss
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